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The Blanding Team Successfully selling Condos and townhomes for over 30 years! There are five locations serving ALL of LOS ANGELES and ORANGE Counties and a large part of SAN BERNARDINO and RIVERSIDE Counties.

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Condo vs. House

You may ask isn’t the sale of a condo really the same as for a house? No, it really truly is not. Use an agent that specializes in Condo sales, this should help you obtain TOP DOLLAR. For a free consultation as to why these sales differ please call or email us anytime.



There is a certain way to target and attract QUALIFIED buyers for your Condo or Townhome that is DIFFERENT than marketing single family homes, most agents just don’t “get this”.



The condo and townhome market is simply different than the market for Single Family Homes, thus it takes know how, research and keeping up with current events to truly understand the condo and townhome market condition at any given time. Sometimes the market for homes is quite slow while the condo and townhome market is booming, if you don’t know and especially if your agent does not know this it could cost you thousands in lost equity!


What breaks a deal


Sometimes the association can make or break a deal, we are familiar with many associations AND management companies and have vast experience to make sure that they do their job after we have sold your unit and that your buyer is comfortable with the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) for your complex. If not presented properly this overwhelming part of the escrow can prevent you from getting Top Dollar or even kill the deal.



There are two different types of agents the  PASSIVE agent who will list your condo or townhome then sit back and wait, wait, wait in hopes for an offer. Then there are the PROACTIVE agents that have the marketing skills and experience to not only get the most showings of your condo or townhome but to then negotiate the very best TOP DOLLAR price. No one works harder and has better expertise, experience and skills to do this than The Blanding Team!


Getting the right exposure


Vast! The Blanding Team are not only 30 year plus Multiple Listing Service members in good standing but have an additional membership that enables your Condo or Townhome to be exposed to dozens of more Websites than others. In addition The Blanding Teams Zillow affiliation and membership gives your Condo or Townhome all the more exposure.



There is virtual  marketing of your condo or townhome that we have done by a professional photographer and marketing company, paid for by The Blanding Team. This assures you, our client of the best exposure possible.



Pricing your condo or townhome takes skillful surgeon like experience to assure you of getting TOP DOLLAR, there are many, many factors involved with this. Just because a unit like yours sold for one price does NOT mean you need to sell for the same. Reviewing all factors, some unseen, can and usually will result in the best price.

The bottom line is that if you are considering selling your condo or townhome, use the team that has been getting their clients TOP DOLLAR for over 30 years.  Dan runs the office and Joy is the field person working directly with condo and townhome sellers.


How The Blanding Team Works

We are a team and we’re all in this together. The Blanding Team takes the lead on behalf of the client to make sure all planning, research, contracts, and to make sure all the many varied details are being addressed. Keep in mind in a real estate transaction there are lots and lots of moving wheels. To close escrow successfully and for TOP DOLLAR, an agent MUST understand all those moving parts.

Dan's Duties:

Dan runs the office

He is the behind the scenes person making sure all marketing is being done properly and assures that any potential buyers for your Condo actually KNOW about YOUR Condo!

Conducts the research

When your Condo or Town Home needs a market value that is accurate. The research starts here.


For over 30 years The Blanding Team has prided themselves in the fine art of communication. It is unfortunately becoming a lost art. Agents taking days to respond to their clients if at all. Potential buyers not receiving a reply after an inquiry of your Condo and so on. Communication is truly the nucleus of any successful transaction.

Joy's Duties:

Joy is the field person

Joy is working directly with you, our Condo Sellers. She is also the one that make sure a smooth transaction is facilitated by dealing with buyers agents, the HOA, the management company, inspectors and the list goes on.


Some agents “assume” everyone speaks Realtor language, although some do, it is rare, most condo sellers simply do not understand the language or what is going on throughout marketing and the finalization to a close and why would they? The Blanding Team assures that each of their clients are communicated with in such a manner that they truly understand what is being said and what is happening.

Finishing Touches

When the deal is done, the deal is done! After over 30 years selling Condos The Blanding Team still retains an absolute perfect record with the Department of Real Estate. Experience, reputation and attention to details is crucial to make sure all is well when the deal is closed.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment to meet with Joy today by by calling or emailing The Blanding Team Today.

Whether your Condo is worth two hundred thousand or two million, there is no reason why you should settle for anything but Top Dollar


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